Nurse's Notes

Donna Garrett, RN
MNES School Nurse 


End of the year reminders……….

  • All medication needs to be picked up by the last day of school, Friday, May 26nd. Medication not picked up will be destroyed. No medication will be sent home on the bus.

  • All current Pre – K students coming to school this fall as kindergarteners may need a physical and up dated immunizations.

  • Students going to middle school will need a Tdap booster. Your child can receive this vaccine at their doctor or Health Dept. You will need a copy of their updated immunization record for documentation of the vaccine.

 CareDox - If you have not enrolled your child in CareDox please go to You will only have to update your child’s records once they are enrolled. You will receive emails from the nurse when your child visits the clinic. 

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV) Parent Information
May, 2017

When should I keep my child home….?

  • Fever more than 100, your child should stay home until they are fever free for 24 hours without taking fever reducers.

  • Productive cough with fever.

  • Severe and persistent earache.

  • Sinus drainage that is green or yellow.

  • Red eyes with yellow drainage and matted eyelashes.

  • Vomiting and diarrhea, your child should stay home for 24 hours after symptoms are resolved.

Classroom Celebrations
Always check with the teacher to see if there are any food allergies in the class, before you bring food into the classroom. Remember that food allergies are serious and can be life threatening. Treats can be non-food items such as pencils, markers, stickers, etc.
Also consider any food or non-food item that could be a choking hazard.  Food items that are brought into the class should be healthy.  See the Healthy Food Snack list.

Medication:  All medication must be brought to school by the parent.  According to Bedford County Public Schools policy, no medication should be transported on the bus.  Prescription drugs require a consent form signed by the doctor.  Over-the-counter drugs must be in original packaging and require a consent form signed by the parent.

Communication:  If your child has had a recent illness or injury that you are concerned about please contact me by phone @ 540-297-4411 or by e-mail