School-wide Cooperative Challenge

Year-long List of School-wide Cooperative Challenges

Week 1-Use active listening

Week 2-Use Stop and Stay Cool

Week 3-Use “I” Messages

Week 4-Use the Peace Path

Week 5-Demonstrate a focusing strategy

Week 6-Demonstrate a Stop and Think strategy

Week 7-Use “I” Messages

Week 8-Practice apologizing

Week 9-Demonstrate a memory strategy

Week 10-Help and encourage others

Week 11-Use Stop and Stay Cool

Week 12-Use the Feelings Thermometer

Week 13-Use the Peace Path

Week 14-Use active listening

Week 15-Use a win-win solution

Week 16-Show empathy

Week 17-Use “I” Messages

Week 18-Demonstrate a focusing strategy

Week 19-Use Stop and Stay Cool

Week 20-Use a win-win solution

Week 21-Demonstrate a focusing strategy

Week 22-Demonstrate a waiting strategy

Week 23-Everyone participates

Week 24-Use a win-win solution

Week 25-Help and encourage others

Week 26-Use “I” Messages

Week 27-Show empathy

Week 28-Use the Feelings Thermometer

Week 29-Use active listening

Week 30-Demonstrate a Stop and Think strategy

Week 31-Use the Peace Path

Week 32-Practice not interrupting

Week 33-Use a win-win solution

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