School Counseling

About the Counselor 

MNES Counselor, Brittany Shirvani

Hello! My name is Mrs. Brittany Shirvani, and I am thrilled to be the school counselor at Moneta Elementary. I hold a Master's degree in School Counseling from Lincoln Memorial University and have been here at Moneta for two years. I love helping students grow in their social, emotional, and academic skills.  I'm here to support the growth and development of every student at Moneta.


Services Offered

As your school counselor, I provide a wide range of services designed to support students' mental, emotional, and social health. These services include:

Individual Counseling: A safe space to talk about feelings, challenges, or any concerns. 
Group Counseling:  Sessions to develop skills like making friends, working with others, and managing emotions.
Classroom Guidance Lessons:  Regular sessions with classes to talk about things pertaining to conflict resolution, study habits, friendship,self control, kindness, and more.
Consultation: Working with teachers and parents to provide support tailored to student needs. 
Crisis Intervention: Immediate support and intervention in times of urgent need.



Here you can find materials and links that can be helpful for both parents and students: 



You can contact me through email or phone:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (540) 297-4411